Let’s Have a Ball

Here’s a stupid demo I made for my flash programming class.  It doesn’t do much.  Click around to spawn some balls.  That’s pretty much it. Oh and I’m sorry about the title of this post. It’s also pretty stupid. I was thinking of going for something like “man I’ve got a lot of balls” but that’s just crude.

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LoseIt with Diet Coke

My sister and I are both using LoseIt for the iPhone to track our calories.  You tell it what you eat,  it tells you how many calories you have left.   We’ve decided to spot-check each other to stay honest, and I found this exchange particularly amusing.

A humorous exchange w/ my sister about dieting.
A humorous exchange w/ my sister about dieting.

The New Monitor is Here!

FACT:  My new monitor is larger than the TV Set that we had growing up as a kid.  FACT: The scale on Google Maps now reads “One inch equals: one inch”.  FACT: Only Cartman can adequately describe what I’m feeling right now.

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Monitors: I might be an addict.

I think I have a problem.

Drug Addict Musician

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So, originally I had one 17” CRT monitor, but I found it frustrating to fit all the content I wanted on the screen.  So I got a 19”  LCD Monitor.  A big improvement, but still found myself futzing around with windows, constantly minimizing, maximizing, and re-arranging windows to fit on the screen. So… two 19” monitors should fix that, right?   So now here I am with two monitors.  Code on the left, webapp on the right.  The In-laws come by and they assume I am either a rocket scientist or a criminal mastermind.  Feels good.  For awhile.

Today I caught myself thinking “man,  if only I had more room to fit another window in, this would be perfect”.  And that’s when I started to consider that maybe the problem isn’t with monitors, but with me.  Is there a sufficient number of pixels where I’m going to stop and say “Ah, this is plenty”, or is that moment going to be followed up a year later by me selling plasma to support my habit.

Am I going to wind up like this guy?


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Whilst? Really?

I am by no means an English snob, but I am seriously starting to become increasingly enraged by the blogosphere’s use of the word "whilst". In my 34 years on this earth I have never known a man or woman using the  word "whilst"  that wasn’t a complete dickhead.   Now it seems like a cultural phenomenon. 


Okay, English people get a pass.  Maybe.  But if you’re a beer swilling MCM (‘merican cash money)  type,  stop using "whilst" immediately.  I know that you want to seem smarter than you really are.  But you aren’t. SO STOP.