Monitors: I might be an addict.

I think I have a problem.

Drug Addict Musician

Photo Credit:  greggoconnel

So, originally I had one 17” CRT monitor, but I found it frustrating to fit all the content I wanted on the screen.  So I got a 19”  LCD Monitor.  A big improvement, but still found myself futzing around with windows, constantly minimizing, maximizing, and re-arranging windows to fit on the screen. So… two 19” monitors should fix that, right?   So now here I am with two monitors.  Code on the left, webapp on the right.  The In-laws come by and they assume I am either a rocket scientist or a criminal mastermind.  Feels good.  For awhile.

Today I caught myself thinking “man,  if only I had more room to fit another window in, this would be perfect”.  And that’s when I started to consider that maybe the problem isn’t with monitors, but with me.  Is there a sufficient number of pixels where I’m going to stop and say “Ah, this is plenty”, or is that moment going to be followed up a year later by me selling plasma to support my habit.

Am I going to wind up like this guy?


Photo Credit:  Audin