Go bankrupt and no music for you!!!

According to the EULA that you agree to when you listen to music on your computer from certain Sony CDs, you are supposed to delete the music if you file for bankruptcy. It also seems that AutoCAD has the same terms in their EULA.


I’ll take the quote right from that site just in case it goes down someday:

All your rights under the EULA are automatically terminated if you “file a voluntary petition or are subject to an involuntary petition under applicable bankruptcy laws, are declared insolvent, make an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or are served with a writ of attachment, writ of execution, garnishment or other legal process pertaining to any of your assets or property.”

I can’t believe what Sony is trying to get away with here!!!! More astonishing is that people continue to buy stuff from Sony. We don’t *have* to buy from Sony . . . unless we really want to play the next generation of GTA because, guess what, it’s going to be a PS3 exclusive. But if you get the PS3 you better start saving now because if you happen to overextend yourself and need to file for bankruptcy you may not be able to play your beloved GTA anymore.