Windows 7 Beta

Is it me or can you just follow this URL to get a key and a link to download Windows 7 32 Bit

Also, here is the link for the 64 bit version:

I visited the sites in a few different browsers and kept getting different keys and didn’t have to sign in or anything.  Strange.

Oh yeah, and the download only works in IE and you have to install some download manager.


Apple raises the price of the iPhone

The big news about the new iPhone is “Twice as fast, half the price” but now we know the truth.  Sure, it only costs $199 but now the data plan and text messaging is the same as the ones you get with a Blackberry (see my earlier post) so essentially the new iPhone costs more than the old one over the two year contract.  Or, to look at it another way, the new iPhone has the same data plan as the Blackberry so now it’s easier to compare the total cost of an iPhone over the total cost of a Blackberry since there isn’t a special iPhone package from AT&T anymore.  I guess Apple is the one pulling something this time, not AT&T.