Taking half

Got this in an email from “Republican John” and this was my response.


What about taking half and giving it to disabled kids? Or taking half and using it as payment for cleaning the sidewalks? Or taking half and giving it to kids in neighborhoods where everyone is poor and hardly anyone hands out candy?


  1. Thus the problem with simple analogies. They’re bullshit. But then of course, you just proved the cartoon’s point further. There isn’t enough to go around, if you take half for disabled kids, half for sidewalks, and half for the kids in the bad neighborhood you have 1.5% more demand than you have supply for.

    You’ll have to wait until more kids show up and take their candy too. Maybe start a Halloween War for Candy and then you can just reduce the price and take more candy from the kids since they’ll show up with more.

    …meh, either way, Republican John or Democrat You, somebody gets screwed.

  2. @adron True on the simple analogies. False on the “there isn’t enough to go around”. There is PLENTY to go around. But the difference between what the CEO makes and what the typical worker makes is way off. CEO does add more value . . . but not 200x more. Running a business is valuable, but being a businessman isn’t any more work that being a programmer. It’s different work. But somehow the businessman makes 200x more. I know this sounds socialist . . . but it’s not about replacing the Democracy or the market economy . . . it’s about valuing peoples work.

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