Scott Adams: believer, philosophist, cartoonist

Man, this guy cracks me up:

“First, if you are American, and you believe the deficit means certain doom, you should cash in all of your investments and move into some sort of survivalist encampment, or to a country that has less of a budget problem. You don’t want to pay your share of the $19 trillion. So if you aren’t already packing to leave, maybe you are just saying you think the ballooning national debt is the end of us all, but you really think we’ll figure a way out of it. This might be similar to saying you believe in Jesus but for some reason you refuse to give most of your money to the needy. There’s a difference between real believing and whatever the heck the other thing is.”

I’m always amazed at people who are so sure of themselves when it come to politics, religion, etc and yet when someone trys to point out their failed logic they still somehow have a way to justify their belief.  I was no fan of Bush (mostly the later as I was a kid when the former was president) but I do think he had the interest of America at heart even as he was allowing our soldiers to die for a war he should have never started.  And if Bush later changes his mind and says that MAYBE, just maybe he was wrong, well, that just can’t happen and it’s too bad.