Is janky a word? My review of the new Wii MotionPlus.

Okay, Wii Sports Resort is about what you would expect and it’s fun and will provide a few hours entertainment to a hard core XBox 360 gamer and maybe 10-20 hours for a real Wii gamer (and maybe more fun for a Wii gamer with friends).  Nuff said.  But the new attachment to the Wiimote is just plain janky.  It feels cheap and has that rubber condom that’s useless and there is a 3 minute video explaining how to get the Wiimote into the rubber condom.  It’s embarrassing.  And too big even for my manly hands.  And don’t get me started about the little cap on the end where you would connect the Nunchuck . . . there wasn’t a cap on the Wiimote why would there be one on the attachment to the Wiimote?

The fact that you can’t go out and buy a new Wiimote with this built-in is a shame because it really does give you fine control over over movements and it sure is fun in Wii Sports Resort.