Party like it’s 1999 (LAN party that is!)

Yesterday I checked the status of my House Party application for the Windows 7 Launch Party I was hyping up with several friends and was *sorely* disappointed to see a red dot and something about how it wasn’t going to happen and how there were lot of applicants and they were sorry blah blah blah.  I had been thinking about my funny retort and how MS dropped the ball once again!  I was going to use the following key phrases:

  • LAN Party
  • Carne Asada (thin sliced marinated beef for the people not from AZ)
  • XBOX 360 Halo with 4 players!  I have 4 controllers already.
  • Try to convince a friend to bring his flat screen and XBox 360 for 8 player action!
  • At least 3 of my computers set up with Windows 7 (for demos and maybe we can play Halo or some other game with the XBox people) and a few others set up for some AoE action late in the night!
  • I already have a Kegerator with Kiltlifter and it’s more than 50% full!

It was going to be an epic post!  But then look what happened:


I’m an “Active Applicant”!  Don’t let me down Microsoft!


P.S.  I know MS has no control over getting me a party invite but I’m going to blame them anyway if I don’t get in.