Let’s Have a Ball

Here’s a stupid demo I made for my flash programming class.  It doesn’t do much.  Click around to spawn some balls.  That’s pretty much it. Oh and I’m sorry about the title of this post. It’s also pretty stupid. I was thinking of going for something like “man I’ve got a lot of balls” but that’s just crude.

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Android Root

Okay, so the hackathon of my Google Phone is over.  I decided to “root” my G2 (Google Ion, myTouch, whatever) phone so that I can install other versions of the operation system.  The primary reason was the speed advantages but I was also interested in wifi tethering.  There are a ton of options but I went with Cyanogenmod (at the time it was v4.0.1 but a few days later I installed v.4.0.2 and it was easy) because it has the most “play” (i.e. I read about it all over the place).

It’s funny because supposedly it’s a “one click” process but wherever you read that headline you’ll see 50 links and 10 pages of text.


  • It does seem faster but it’s no iPhone (probably not even as fast as the first iPhone let along the 3GS)
  • Wifi tethering!  I can tether with a laptop or netbook to my data connection using just wifi.  The irony is that I would need to plug the phone in with USB anyway for power but still, tethering!
  • Multi-Touch browser.  Again, not as responsive as iPhone be still nicer than the +/-.  Would be really nice in maps and I suspect that might come soon.
  • More “screens” so I can have more widgets and icons in the locations that I want.  Not all that big a deal as 3 was enough, really, since I could get to the stuff I didn’t use much from the “pull up” menu
  • Couple of new apps I couldn’t have gotten otherwise . . . pdf viewer and an office viewer.
  • Discovered “MyBackup” which is an app that takes care of backup for apps and data so at the end of it all restoring back to the phone I had before took about 10 minutes . . . with the exception of my background image, ring tone, and some setup inside a few apps like latitude.  I had to install all of the apps one but with MyBackup I just had to okay each install one by one but it all went really fast . . . at least I didn’t have to remember what I liked and download it all one by one.
  • Three keyboards to choose from . . . though, I already had two after installing an alternate a while back.


  • Takes forever to boot up (but that was just the first time . . . it has to run some script)
  • It was kinda scary though it was actually one of the easiest hacks ever.  More scary that most other projects because I *need* my phone whereas if I bust a PSP or my Wii or an XBox I’m just out some entertainment which is no big deal.


Skittles must be made with lard

I made the Skittles flavored vodka.


Basically, you separate the Skittles into colors and put them in empty water bottles to dissolve in vodka for a few hours (or overnight).  Then you have to filter out the white gelatinous stuff.  I did the filtering with coffee filters and the white stuff that was left in the filter had the consistency of lard and it was very “buttery” in that it left a slippery film on the funnels that wouldn’t rinse off with just water.

Anyway, since it was a tinted but basically white and felt a lot like lard (or shortening or vegetable gunk or whatever you want to call it) it made me scared to ever eat Skittles again and made me wonder what other foods have lard. The more I thought about it the more I was convinced I probably don’t want to know.  What if there is lard in Red Vines?!

Baked goods have hidden lard in there but who knew it was in candy too!


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