Blocking is broken in Google Chat on Gmail

Gmail changed my life and I have no right to complain . . . but this is driving me crazy!

I try to block people (using the chat interface there on the left) and it doesn’t work . . . they still show up and can see I’m online and then when I go back to check they are not blocked.   Plus, people that have more than one email address show up on the chat list several times I guess once for every email address.  That’s annoying but I can deal with it.

It all happened around the time that Google Contacts came out (even before the cool, easy to remember URL).  I wish I could submit a bug report or something.

UPDATE:  I just tried to block again to verify it wasn’t working and now it looks like it *IS* working.  We’ll see though.  Now I just need to figure out who is blocked and who isn’t.