Sheldon McGee

1141 E Juanita Ave

Gilbert, AZ  85234


Home: (480) 736-2581

Cell: (602) 321-8046


Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ  85287

BSE in Electrical Engineering, 2001


Operating Systems – MS Windows Server, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), FreeBSD

Windows Server – IIS, Security, Printing, DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, Network Administration, SQL Server

Database/Web – SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, ASP (Classic), PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript (AJAX), XML

Web Development Platforms – SugarCRM, Google Maps Enterprise, Google Data APIs, MapInfo MapXtreme, WordPress, CakePHP

Programming Languages – Visual Basic, Javascript, VB.NET, C#, Python, C/C+

EXPERIENCE Director of Computer Operations – August 1999 – November 2009
Pierce-Eislen, Scottsdale, AZ


Pierce-Eislen is an online, subscription based website that provides real-time data pertaining to the commercial multi-family housing industry. Pierce-Eislen serves over 35 markets providing information such as the owner, manger, complete unit mix with rents surveyed 3 times a year as well as aggregate data by market and region.


  • Web development
  • SQL Sever administrator, Access Database maintenance
  • Maintenance and administration for office data center and local workstations
  • Network Administrator (Domain Controllers, File Servers, Firewall, Email) and general tech support
  • Phone System administration and repair


  • Restructure the databases for efficiency by normalizing data, adding indexes, moving the data store from Access to SQL Server as well as profiling to find the bottlenecks in the system.
  • Create a file based Content Management System (CMS) where prompt browser speed and user friendly templates are the primary focus
  • Develop entire website including reporting tools, administration utilities such as adding users and setting up orders, controlled access and monitoring utilities.
  • Supply a seamless and fast reporting engine for multiple databases
  • Create the web based mapping system with MapInfo MapXtreme and later replace with the Enterprise version of Google Maps.
  • Add AJAX interfaces to enhance the website functionality such as adding elements on screen to a group as well as being able to edit data in place simply by clicking on it.
  • Move the sales team from ACT to SugarCRM (migrate data, set up new server and install PHP, MySQL, and SugarCRM) which greatly improved the effectiveness of the sales team.
  • Integrate IPCOP, a Linux based firewall, to improve the performance of the network as well as to add monitoring, intrusion detection, and VPN capabilities for secure remote communication.

Systems Engineer Consultant – June 2007 to Present
Charles H. Pabst Studio, Chandler, AZ
  • Implement new “Production Schedule” with using PHP, MySQL, and CakePHP application framework to help streamline the process for keeping track of order information on each piece as it moves from through the various areas of production (printing, enhancement, framing, shipping)
  • Add an inventory system to the Production Schedule to create a better way of keeping track of what paintings are in each gallery as well as some quick stats like how many total prints are for sale and how many sold during a particular quarter.
  • Set up a backup system (Linux based BackupPC on an old PC with a new hard drive as a cost saver) to backup several machine that have important data.

Systems Analyst – December 1996 – August 2001
ASU College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Tempe, AZ
  • Create and maintain web server and web pages for Introduction to Engineering Design class.
  • Provide technical support for instructors.
  • Administer small Windows NT network.
  • Develop and support web based grade database.
  • Primary consultant for student support of online class access and materials. 

Software Engineering Internship – July 1997- May 1998
Honeywell Inc., Air Transport Systems, Phoenix, AZ
  • Develop software for Echelon LonBuilder, a test system to facility optical communications for a Fly By Light system on existing Boeing commercial aircraft using Neuron C code to implement communication between optical nodes.
  • Implement a diagnostic system for an optical sensors using C++.
  • Create and maintain project web site

CONFERENCES Google I/O, Sketchup BaseCamp, StackOverflow DevDays, WordCamp and various other local developer events.